5D cinema that caters to modern movie consumption

- Jul 23, 2017 -

With the progress of science and technology, 5D special effects film has become the mainstream trend of the film industry. For most people, the "5D effect cinema" is still a very popular term, even in the bustling metropolis, similar cinema has just appeared in recent years. However, the unique virtual reality simulation technology of 5D special effects cinema really caters to the fashion demand of modern movie consumption.

The 5D movie is a gateway to the mysterious world of movies. Once you get into this world, you're both a viewer and a participant. The raging torrent, staggered rock, just by the waves off the boat lift in the air, and suddenly fall heavily, caught up in the undercurrent of up and down rippled, anterior seems to be hindered by the rocks, like a maze, a few crocodile lunged with a bloody mouth, you agonistic! Out of the whirlpool, boats and turned corners with a torrent of feixie, winds have rotary flying, coerced on waves of your skin, but also to feel the biting cold, the vultures with wind swooped down from the sky, your voice just scream; sigh, ferocious piranha from the water comes out, sharp teeth to bite your face, don't avoid obstacle. This is the 5D special effects movie to stimulate the viewer: not only romantic rafting, but also a thriller adventure! The viewer and screen with scene change such as realistic reality, all plot in front of you, all actions are out of the screen!

5D visual effects film let us shake them, let us personally on the scene, struck dumb, very amazing! 5D cinema special effects dynamic strong incoming, instant upgrade, sight, smell, hearing, in touch with dynamic integration, not only reach the peak and personally on the scene, the body of the whole context into a full of hormones, particularly important, in the cinema 5D effects you like in the movie "hero" shadow dynamic effects 5D theater of life and passion of the resurrection - shake the body, carrying the dream of passion to our rapidly approaching.

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