Christmas is coming. Are you ready for the children's playground game machine or amusement equipment?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Christmas is coming. Are you ready for the children's playground game machine or amusement equipment?

Christmas is coming soon. Everyone wants to have a happy and memorable holiday with their children. Are you ready to make money on such an important day? Are you ready for children's game machine? How to select the arcade game machine?

1. Appearance of amusement equipment

For children, the appearance of the beautiful appearance colorful lights and good music is to attract customers, at the top of the elements in the time to give customers a good image to let visitors become your customers, but don't only when the choose and buy equipment to locate in children, want to consider the psychological characteristics of all people, because the elderly and parents value is not only the equipment appearance, colour, more practical, playability, safety and function, etc.


2. Quality of amusement equipment

Buy amusement equipment, don't focus on the price, each manufacturer's price is different, the price of the equipment price is less than 30 percent or above the general price of the market, that necessarily quality is not very good. In terms of quality, Easyfun is strictly controlled, and Easyfun has been trying to do better to protect the interests of buyers and customers' physical and mental safety.

To ensure the normal operation of amusement equipment is the foundation, if the customer on your amusement equipment, there is a problem, so is bound to affect customers play state of mind, they will think you owe good goods, so will lose some old customer, so want to lasting attract customer, must let customers believe your goods.

3. Selection of amusement equipment

Paint work in the factory must be fresh, bright, light, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, as long as the car paint can be reached such a role, if the paint is bleak, do manual work is very rough, the sun is less than half a year, is bound to fade, because of the early work is well done, late effect must be very poor. Therefore, the equipment selection is also directly related to the quality of the equipment.

4. Qualifications of manufacturers

Equipment procedures, along with the development of the economy, amusement industry also has attracted many attentions of the country, because is about the children, the national inspection of amusement equipment is also gradually increased, especially set square, park, supermarkets, etc. If the procedure is not complete, it may be a temporary benefit, but it is not a long-term solution.


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