Daily maintenance of coin-operated game consoles.

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Daily maintenance of coin-operated game consoles.

1, games consoles working voltage shall ensure that, within the scope of plus or minus 10 v, 220 v, too low will affect the visual effect, high vulnerability bad consoles power supply box, scanning board, transformer, serious can lead to damage of PC board.

2. The working environment of the game console should be well ventilated and not humid. And periodically remove dust in the machine, air humidity too low, can cause parts rust, computer board electronic components local short circuit and burn out.

3. In the game room, there should be no rat penetration, and the rat urine will cause the electronic components to short-circuit and discard.

4. The game console should be kept stable to avoid shaking vibration, so as to prevent metal parts or tokens from falling into the electronic element short circuit to burn the parts.

5 high pressure should be avoided, game consoles, strong magnetic interference, high pressure disturbance such as electronic spark machine core damage will cause computer board program out of control, serious can damage computer board, the shopkeeper to play the guest should strengthen the supervision.

6, the placement of computer board: general with suspension as well, should avoid with the metal parts in the machine, screw and so on contact, avoid to use anti-static film, anti-static foam isolation computer board, in order to avoid short circuit board.

7. Periodically measure the voltage between the first and third feet of the computer board of the game console, and ensure that it is within the range of 4.8V ~ 5.3V fan. Due to the variation of the potentiometer or component parameters, the voltage fluctuation should be measured regularly, and the +5V knob on the power box should be adjusted to correct. Too low will set the board dead, too high will burn the board.

8. Scanning plate adjustment: to maintain good visual effects, the scanning plate calibration should be adjusted frequently, as shown in the scan panel for details.

9, tube maintenance: high brightness will shorten the service life of the tube, brightness to should be moderate, humid, and can lead to high pressure tube is lighter and burn scanning tube plate or computer board, color is not pure to use eraser degaussing.

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