Do you know the 4d movie theater?

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Do you know the 4d movie theater?

4d motion cinema is developed on the basis of traditional stereoscopic cinema, compared to other types of cinema, has the outstanding theme, the technology content high, effect is distinct, image characteristics of impact strength and advantage. Along with the development of the theater entertainment technology and entertainment market demand, people will not only fall, blowing, vibration, water spray, scratching and other special effects introduced 3d cinema, also according to the scene of the film carefully designed effects such as fog, rain, photoelectric, bubble, formed a unique experience, this is the 4 d cinema is very popular today. In recent years, the development of 4D cinema has been very rapid, as audiences have been able to get visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory senses when viewing 4D films.



4d dynamic cinema classification

1. Flat screen cinema

The design of the big slope theater seats, no matter which Angle you are in, can have a completely "barrier-free" view. The sound source equilibrium system, designed for cinemas, ensures that the volume and sound quality of each corner of the cinema are identical. When you bring your stereo glasses, the stunning visual effect, the perfect sound quality, brings you a new visual experience!

The flat screen cinema is easy to install and not very high. This only requires two projectors or projectors, and the cost is low.


2. Ring cinema

The ring screens are different from the typical movie screen, and the screen theater USES the cylindrical projection screen, which will be watched around the center. The long span of the screen is filled with the view of the viewer, and the full stereo and film plot complement each other, perfect coordination, deducting the wonderful immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

The radians of the movie theater have 120 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees, which can be customized and constructed according to the specific conditions of the site to ensure the effect of the movie theater.

Merits and demerits

The loop usually requires six projectors or six projectors, and his disadvantage is that the cost of up-front and post-maintenance will be slightly higher.


3. Ball screen cinema

Ball curtain cinema is both education and entertainment is a body, novel, film and television, it is fully combined with flat screen plane outspread vision and visual surrounded by common characteristics of annulus, into a quarter and half ball two forms, in films produced in the process of playing more strong visual impact.


The ball screen is compared to other dynamic cinema

The movie theater is more magnificent than the ring cinema, allowing the viewer to immerse in the full range of the movie, which is better for the impact of the viewing and is also called the dome movie theater. This special cinema is often used in planetarium, science and technology museum to play the cosmic section. Due to the continuous improvement of technology, the movie theater "flies into the ordinary people" and begins to enter the common popular science and amusement places and serve more audiences.


What are the devices in the ball theater?

1. The screen of the 4d dynamic cinema

2. Stereoscopic eyes

3. 4D dynamic stunt seats

4. Cinema digital audio system

5. 3D and 4D video

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