Easyfun VR and Cocktail

- Oct 06, 2017 -

Wine is intoxicating, and VR opens up another world. Two things that seem to be completely unrelated to each other, a pub in London, England, perfectly linked them.

Open the new "Showtime Cocktails" menu at this bar, and you'll have a "Origin" cocktail, and the bar will give you fancy services. The bartender will add a VR headset to the Origin cocktail, and you can enjoy the ultimate visual feast, in addition to the wonderful taste experience.


The Origin of the cocktail is made from 12 years of darmam whisky, cherry liqueur, cherry mud, grapefruit juice, bitter chocolate and champagne. Before you can enjoy the cocktail, you need to wear a VR headset to learn about Origin's "past life" in the virtual reality world. You're going to start from the highlands of Scotland, get a taste of London's covent garden, and then go back to the pub. And when the two-minute experience is over, the freshly tuned Origin cocktail will appear before you. Try again at this time, you may not have a taste of it.

Virtual reality is the best way to get guests to know the story behind the wine in a short time.


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