How to choose 7D interactive cinema equipment

- Jul 23, 2017 -

We may from the theater in 4D film and theme park, to experience the seat 4D dynamic in the movie special effects equipment issued helplessness, rain and lightning. We may also know from some parks, shopping malls and video game city, 7D interactive theater is a profitable project. It's also possible that we learned about the 7D interactive theater in order to find projects to invest in. Alternatively, the producers of the 7D interactive cinema have taken the initiative to find us, and we are ready to invest in a 7 interactive theater project after learning the advantages of the 7D interactive theater. But when we're going to buy a 7D interactive theater device, there must be several manufacturers to make a comparison.

In 7D interactive cinema, our first concern may be the picture. Because, after all, the equipment of the film, whether the picture is clear, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, the effect of the screen is what we are most concerned about. But 7D interactive theater manufacturers projectors and screens are generally purchased back, we should see mainly what our projector is, and its resolution is how much. In addition, we want to see the clarity of the 7D movie, and our power video definition is 1920*1080P, which is the most high-definition film in the industry. In fact, the domestic picture of the film is very shallow understanding, we can see in which area to build a 4K double office, the media have been scrambling to report. But when they draw the 4K dual hall screen, has been used in the film, dust can penetrate the smoke color effect, and subtle changes in expression in the 4K images also show very accurate "these words. These words do not know what our ancestors speak, but we always use this sentence to understand 4K dual hall screen. Whether the dust color, who cares about this, the high definition of the film, on behalf of the quality of the better. If you paint a thing in color, then the pixel is higher and the picture will be better. Good pictures attract audiences more so that viewers can spend more. When we buy 7D interactive cinema, we must check the clarity of the film.

7D interactive theater stroke, rain, thunder and lightning effects, are sent by spraying machine, snow machine, smoke machine, blowing machine, strobe machine, bubble machine, machine and other special equipment special flavor. For these special effects equipment, the big manufacturers have described less, the main reason is that these devices are out sourcing. We should be concerned about whether these equipment in use process failure, if in the audience to see the process of sudden failure, it will affect the audience experience, reduce its chances of re consumption. These special equipment is driven by electricity and air, in addition to our concern for the quality of these devices, should also be concerned about the air compressor is equipped with, what brand, noise is much, the failure rate is high, durable.

7D interactive theater another key part is the dynamic platform, to compare the popular love electric platform as an example, the platform is composed of platform plate shelf, servo controller, servo motor and electric cylinder. 7D interactive theater dynamic platform is six degrees of freedom, that is, by six electric cylinders, simulate the real bumpy fall. Six degrees of freedom motion platform, compared to the three degree of freedom seat 4D hall, in addition to simulate along X, y, Z three Cartesian axes of motion, also can simulate around the three axes of rotation of the rolling movement.

Some of the manufacturers of the 7D interactive theater come back from all the purchased components, some of which are assembled later. The servo motor and servo controller in the component must be purchased outside. The servo motor drive, can be extended up and down the electric cylinder, and some manufacturers can independently research and development. Of course, when we buy 7D interactive cinema equipment, we should consider more independent manufacturers. In this case, the quality is more reliable, the price is also relatively favorable. We should also care about the thickness of the platform steel plate, as well as the serial bearings of the electric cylinder and the steel plate. Platform steel plate thickness can be consulted to manufacturers, of course, the thicker the better. But the electric cylinder and the platform frame connection bearing, should consider to choose the simple structure, exempts the lubricating oil the copper bushing. To avoid the 7D interactive theater in operation, due to forget the maintenance of equipment, resulting in damage to equipment.

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