How to face amusement park market for indoor children's game machine?

- Dec 02, 2017 -

How to face amusement park market for indoor children's game machine?

At the moment, indoor children's amusement park is developing faster and faster, and many people are aiming to invest in this market, but at the same time bring about the homogeneity of the market. Many places are all the same indoor children's land, which can cause visual fatigue for children and parents. So, how do business operators face amusement park indoor children's video games market?

A, positioning

1. Age positioning

Children of different ages, have different requirements to play, to provide suitable for every age children amusement space, must fully understand the children in each age stage, their preferences and requirements are different. Broadly speaking, children can be divided into the following stages:

0-3 years old, this stage of children, has initially acquired the life experience, and begins to learn to control their own movement. They often play alone and experience their surroundings through their senses. At this stage, they are suitable for playing with sand, soil, water, swing and slide, 3d swing car, racing horse, etc., and they need to play with their parents.


3-6 years old, children at this stage have begun to have social awareness, and they often participate in multiplayer games to develop their interpersonal and social relationships. At this stage, children like to play water shooting game machine, shooting ball game machine, air hockey table, battery bumper car, drift bumper car, prince moto, happy car, walking robot and other games.

6-8 years old, children in this phase are more likely to develop their organizational skills and enhance their physical activity or exercise. They like to test their agility through complex structures such as Crazy Scissors Cut Prize Machine, gift Machine, sport basketball game Machine, bowling, TT motor, racing car game Machine

8-10 years old, children in this stage are developing into young children who can participate in amusement equipment games without their parents' supervision or intervention and be able to follow the rules of the game. They like to play more complex games and show their balance and cooperation. For example, electric dart board, 9d vr, 5d 7d cinema, vr horse, vr racing car, vr simulator

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