How was Christmas? Watch a 5d movie at home

- Dec 07, 2017 -

How was Christmas? Watch a 5d movie at home

Luxury 5D cinema equipment - dynamic seat introduction 1, dynamic seat divided into 2 groups and 3 people in a group of 2, adopting the independent sofa seat, can be designed as 2-200 cinema plan. 2. The dynamic seat adopts 3 degree-of-freedom structure (3 cylinder support platform), each cylinder is driven to control scale, and each movement is accurate and accurate. 3. The dynamic support of the dynamic seat is divided into two types: pneumatic and hydraulic. The core parts are imported from Taiwan, and the action of the chair is quick, and the impact is small, which is high with the plot of the movie. 4. The dynamic seat is rich in special effects. At present, there are water spray, air jet, sweeping foot, backstabbing, vibration and buttock. 5. The seat is designed with a dangling design, and the experience is more realistic and exciting! 6. The number of seats in the seat is automatic, and the operator is carefree.


Deluxe 5d cinema equipment characteristics and dynamic seat introduce luxury 5d cinema equipment is made up of projection imaging system, audio system, dynamic seats, special effects, broadcast control system, accounting system and so on several major components, luxury 5d cinema equipment is to provide 2-200 person of luxurious theaters a full set of equipment and solutions.

Luxury 5d cinema equipment is developed on the basis of 4d movie, 09 is only from South Korea to introduce a new entertainment equipment, is also very popular leisure products after a meal, have the effect of outstanding theme, high technology content, stimulate realistic characteristics.  

The main features of luxury 5D cinema equipment:

1. Use the project projector to match the large screen and the advanced sound system to create a first-class audio-visual effect.

2. Use independent sofa seat for the dynamic seat to enjoy.  

3. The dynamic chair moves quickly and smoothly. The experienced feet are suspended as if they are in the middle of the air.

4. Super special effects combination: environmental effects include wind, rain, snow, lightning, bubbles, fragrance, smoke. The seat effects include sprinkling, ejection, sweeping, backstabbing, vibration, and a total of 13 special effects.  

5. The smart accounting system supports the SMS function of the mobile phone, so that the boss can run the accounts.   

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