Self-driving, car VR, real car or game?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Self-driving, car VR, real car or game?


Have to say, the future development direction in the direction of intelligent, new energy development, today, to say the car is a product of the combination of both - the 2017 Frankfurt motor show debut of pure electric concept car Symbioz Renault.

It is a great honor to be invited to take part in the test drive of Reno Symbioz demo (demo car, next part ellipsis).

Test drive on the same day we were convinced by Renault's technological prowess, we sat in the car, silently by its autopilot system with the shuttle in the city, in the French high-speed driving, in addition to the sound of the rain on glass, vehicle quiet terrible, because it is a pure electric vehicles.

As the car drove farther and farther away, we drove from downtown to the suburbs, and it was getting dark, except for the headlights and the headlights, which were almost completely dark.

Suddenly, I found myself driving up into the sky, flying with the birds, flying through the clouds...

See here, you may think that our editorial test-drive member asleep or in the illusion, in fact is not, the paragraph above because we experience a handful of virtual reality in the car, right, is the VR.

Although love with powerful and unconstrained style design philosophy is the masterpiece of Renault's consistent, but the VR moved to the car does have incredible enough, but at the same time you also can see Renault to blueprint for the future development of electric vehicles and automatic driving a car.

According to Renault "Drive the Future" plan, by 2022, Renault and nissan, mitsubishi, develop a pure electric vehicles 8, 12 electric cars (may prefer to hybrid) and 15 sets of automation level in 2 to 4 autopilot system.

Since when it comes to autopilot system, you have to say, at this stage of autopilot system there are two main criteria, one is the NHTSA (the us highway traffic safety administration), it will automatic standards are divided into 0 ~ 4;

Another is the SAE (the American society of automotive engineers), unlike the NHTSA, it will auto automation standards are divided into 0 ~ 5, SAE standards, for example, the level 0 is no automation, all human control, level 5 is fully automated, today the Renault Symbioz reached level 4 in the SAE standards.

If it is not to say what level of automation it is, then I can say that under the NHTSA evaluation standard, tesla's autopilot rating is 2, while Google has a level of 3.

And earlier this year at the Frankfurt show the concept car is different, we test the Symbioz Demo Renault is to show that they will be in 2023 models to apply the technology, and show the model is to show the Renault in 2030 to electric vehicles and automated driving plan.

"The purpose of the Demo is not to collect automated data, but to connect the ideal concept model with reality," said Mr. Mathieu Lips, project manager of Renault Symbioz Demo. Now we are seeing the show car, it is based on a normal car plus a large amount of sensors, start and test stage and the product of a large amount of testing tools, and you take a look at the auto show concept car, with the show car is not a thing. Our goal is to combine the designer's ideas with the ordinary car to form a fully autonomous vehicle.

Many of the design elements and technology elements in the Reno Symbioz Demo have been tested on some prototypes, and there are three common media, one is Road Runner; Ghost Rider, a car body with the same sensor as the display car, called Mad Max.

But so far, Renault has no news of the car.

Motivation, Renault Symbioz Demo by mounted on the shaft after two motor as power source, each motor driving a wheel, the motor can broke the maximum instantaneous power of 500 kw and 660 Nm peak torque.

If you want to get a steady stream of power, then you need to converge the output power. The official data is the maximum power 360 kw, and the peak torque is 550 Nm.

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