Take inventory: the 2017 VR virtual reality industry event, which will be hard to go forward

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Take inventory: the 2017 VR virtual reality industry event, which will be hard to go forward

2017, the whole VR industry, the year of precipitation. Whether it is VR or AR, we can see that the whole industry is still going strong in market rationality. Hardware and software have gained some development. Apple introduced ARkit tools and Microsoft's MR hardware. Lenovo and Disney jointly launched AR head display. The application of various industries has also made great progress.

Below, you will take a look at the VR/AR industry events.

1. Significant progress has been made in VR medical applications

In January 2017, Jeffrey Gold, the director of the children's pain management clinic at the children's hospital in Los Angeles, used VR technology for medical treatment.

On March 16, 2017, the tumor hospital of hunan province applied MR technology for the surgical removal of breast cancer, which is the world's first case of the reconstruction of the breast reconstruction.

In May 2017, the medical health Information consulting company Kalorama Information released a report, the report says the health in the field of virtual reality technology (VR) and augmented reality (AR) application market has rose from $2012 in 525 million to $2017 in 976 million.

Ii. VR education, full of opportunities and challenges

In the study, Greenlight VR, a market research firm based in VR, surveyed 1,200 consumers of different types of VR applications, with education ranking fifth, and 63.9 per cent of consumers interested.

According to Goldman sachs, VR education is expected to reach $700 million by 2025, and will cover K12 and teaching software. The combination of VR and education is believed to have a huge market in the future. The company has a growing base of education VR, which opens the running mode of education in China.

The concept, interactivity and immersibility of VR can make education more vivid in boring classroom, making abstract knowledge tangible and future development.

3. The high quality content of VR game comes online

In 2017, high-quality triple-a series, such as "radiated 4 VR", will bring more clarity and fluency to the players.

4. AR goes beyond VR and becomes a popular marketing tool

In June, apple unveiled ARKit, an AR development platform that allows developers to develop AR apps that run on apple phones based on iOS.

At the same time, the application cases of AR scene marketing have been springing up, the car home's AR car service, jd's AR try makeup, ali's AR any door.

These AR and traditional industry cross-boundary marketing can provide users with the ubiquitous experience and purchase of permeable interactive services.

5. Google stops developing Tango and turns to ARCore

Google announced at the end of the year that it will officially close its technical support for Tango in March, focusing on the new AR development platform ARCore.

China's first independent VR standard was released

First standard headset display device VR

On April 6, 2017, led by China electronics technology standardization institute of the virtual reality head-mounted displays general union standard of official launch in Beijing, this is China's first independent standards set by the virtual reality field.

It is understood that the next step of the China institute of electronic technology standardization will lead research to develop the virtual reality content standard.

7. The technology of tactile, eye-tracking and other technologies have achieved significant development

In June 2017, HTC Vive announced that it was working with Intel to wirelessly use VR in less expensive ways. These are the trends that make VR more accessible and convenient.

In June 2017, apple confirmed the acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) of German computer vision company.

The company's eye tracking technology has solved the VR common short board, it can real-time sampling rate of 120 hz to record the user's gaze behavior nature, can analyze the wearer's eyes, and to help reduce vertigo.

Facebook's first VR social product debut

Facebook has officially launched its first VR social application, Facebook Spaces, during the F8 conference in April 2017.

Apple released the first AR AD

Recently, apple released the first AR AD, which shows a use the Pro users in a square held up the alignment sitting on a bench drenched, began to add augmented reality around furniture etc.

10, Magic Leap's first product finally showed up

Magic Leap unveiled its first AR glasses product! The product is Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap One has the function of optical field sensing, speech recognition, gesture recognition, head position tracking, eye-tracking, etc. It is a small body with complete functions.

At the same time, the website also shows several application scenarios, which are: AR shopping, multi-window/multi-task processing, AR game, AR/VR social, 3D creation/entertainment, etc. In addition, the SDK, development documentation, etc. will not be available until 2018.

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