The biggest adult website reports: the VR film continues to heat up

- Jan 15, 2018 -

The biggest adult website reports: the VR film continues to heat up.

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Every five minutes, the Pornhub transfers more than 50 million copies of the New York public library. According to the annual trend review of Pornhub, the transmission data of adult entertainment content reached 3732PB(1PB=1024TB) in 2017, with a speed of 7101GB per minute and 118GB per second.

One of the big contributors to this jaw-dropping statistic is Ron Jeremy. As a member of the AVN hall of fame, the famous AV actor has shot more than 2,000 films and is the guinness world record holder for the most times in adult films. Jeremy, a firm believer in VR adult entertainment, even took out his savings to create a VR video service named RonJeremyVR, named after him.

What about the specific development of this VR online entertainment? Pornhub's 2017 review shows that "virtual reality adult entertainment continues to be popular and searches are up 14 places from 2016... Virtual reality devices are a popular holiday season gift, and the first thing people do when they get a new look is to try adult entertainment. After the New Year, the average daily viewing rate of VR adult entertainment is still higher than before Christmas, about 500,000 times a day. "

As demand for adult entertainment continues to grow in the marketplace, this data suggests that Jeremy is indeed a real winner. Pornhub launched its VR channel in April 2016, and as of May 2017, that category has grown from 30 to 2,600. The number of VR adult entertainment has tripled since Christmas 2016.

Now that the 2017 Christmas holiday is over, people still want to use their shiny new VR headsets to dig up the stimulating adult entertainment content. Creating immersive adult entertainment content for users is like a big gold rush, says RON.

"Everyone is trying to get involved in VR because they know it's the future," he said. The greatest invention in the world always comes from those who take risks. In adult entertainment, we must now take the next step.

So what did Jeremy's site bring to the table? He points out that their adult films combine the famous female and the male, the interesting storyline, and the quality of the film.

"For me, the virtual reality needs to be 360 degrees," said Jeremy. We use multiple cameras to provide a variety of angles that make it feel more like a movie. Our VR film will be extended to 8K in the near future. In addition, we have not only found the famous adult celebrities, but also hired the unknown talents on social media... Not only did we hire pretty women, but we also hired pretty men... I'll also introduce each story in person, just as Alfred Hitchcock and rod sterling introduced their TV shows. I'm rod Stirling/Alfred Hitchcock in VR adult entertainment. I would say, 'good evening, I'm going to tell you about this VR story. '"

What, however, is preventing VR from dominating the adult entertainment market? "Consumers need a quality head that is' easy to use '," he explains. I believe that the price of the first display also impedes the participation of people in the VR adult entertainment revolution. However, the latest VR all-in-one and cheap PC heads will help solve both problems. When VCR was first introduced, there were two confusing choices for consumers: Betamax and VHS, and people didn't know which one to choose. VR is also facing similar problems... In the face of all this, which one should you choose? I know some friends who don't choose VR, and the reason they give is that they don't know which one to buy.

The percentage of adults who watch adult entertainment on their mobile phones is 67 percent, compared with 24 percent for desktops and 9 percent for tablets.

Pornhub statistical data indicated that the user is from desktop to mobile devices, and with the increase of mobile devices support for VR, it may increase the proportion of people tried to VR adult entertainment. "Smartphone market share continues to rise by 5 per cent in 2017, currently at 67 per cent of all traffic, while tablets account for 9 per cent," Mr Pornhub said. Desktop computers (and laptops) now account for less than a quarter of all Pornhub traffic. In some countries, smartphone use has increased dramatically, with South Korea's market share growing by 74% and Cuba's by 79%.

"VR makes you feel like it's happening right in front of you," says Jeremy. Many VR adult entertainment content producers only 180 degrees, but for me, when you see behind the same lens, or only a black screen area, it will make me feel like watching the video. The real 360-degree will make you feel like you're in that room. You can look around... Even if it's not about sex, it's still interesting because I can choose where I want to go. Being able to really feel everything through the lens of the inside will make you feel like you're in the movie. Unlike video, you will forget about the real world around you in virtual reality... You can see 'everything'.


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