The design flow of 5D dynamic cinema

- Jul 23, 2017 -

I. preliminary design

1, according to the overall planning of the site;

2, the system of 5D theater technology design;

3, according to the 5D cinema positioning and its own characteristics, as well as investors own requirements, layout and other aspects of the design.

Including: 5D cinema layout (hall, seat number, access road map), showing the layout (room layout and route), the early studios matching function area layout (selling area, ticket office).

Two, deepen design

1, the architectural design of the theater;

The architectural acoustic optical design 2, inside the hall;

3, theater air-conditioning, fire and other professional matching design;

4, theater screening, sound system design;

5 、 design of compressor soft water machine room;

The film includes: the process plan of each movie hall (Hall dimension, seat row spacing and arrangement), film process profile each movie hall (Hall section size, projector position, seat spacing, unobstructed slope design).

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