The development of virtual reality (VR) industry in China in recent years

- Nov 05, 2017 -

The development of virtual reality (VR) industry in China in recent years


In recent years, the fast development of virtual reality (VR) industry in China, in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality, startup the emergence, part of the technical parameters and design concept has led the world. Korean media said that South Korea's virtual reality industry focus on the game software field, and China has the technology widely applied to various industries, and the application in the field of the differences between the two countries will make VR market scale in the future 2 times the gap within 2 to 3.


According to south Korean "Asia's economic" report, South Korea's virtual reality industry committee, said South Korea VR market growth is mostly dominated by the game industry, and VR China market is driven by the development of all industries. Big to national defense, aviation, small to health, education, entertainment and other industries all use VR technology for hardware and software development. The industry predicts that China's VR market will reach 55 billion yuan by 2020, while South Korea will be only half as big as China's.


Global VR market growth center

VR has been expected to be an important technology that can change daily life and is widely used in technology and product development in various fields such as hardware, semiconductor, computer software and application. It is predicted that the global virtual reality revenue will reach tens of billions of dollars in 2017. China VR equipment shipments will reach 8.2 million units in 2020, the number of users, more than 25 million VR hardware market scale will account for 34.6% of global scale, virtual reality the size of the market is expected to exceed 55 billion yuan, the growth of the virtual reality world market center.


The domestic vr industry is developing rapidly and 2016 is called "the first year of virtual reality industry". In the field of virtual reality and augmented reality, entrepreneurial companies are active in China, part of the technical parameters and design concept has led the world, in the interactive technology, light field technology, industry application field also has made a breakthrough.


According to the economic daily news, held by the first China virtual reality of innovation in entrepreneurship competition, Chinese academy of engineering, virtual reality industry association director qin-ping zhao said, virtual reality technology first used in military, aerospace, equipment manufacturing and other fields, and then expand to medicine, education, tourism, electricity, and other areas of the closely related to people's life. With the breakthrough of virtual reality software and hardware technology, the improvement of product performance and price reduction, virtual reality products are rapidly integrating into life.


The Chinese government is concerned about VR technology development

In recent years, the Chinese government has paid close attention to the development of virtual reality technology. In 2016, the CPC central committee and the state council issued the outline of the national innovation-driven development strategy. Outline is put forward, and the development of Chinese science and technology enterprise's goal is to make China into an innovative country, by 2020 to 2030, making China into an innovative country, to make China become the world's scientific and technological innovation power in 2050, also explicitly must strengthen the development of virtual reality technology research and industry. In addition, the state issued the opinions about promoting healthy and orderly development of the mobile Internet, which mentioned the request to the AI/VR/AR key technologies, such as layout, as soon as possible some frontier technologies and disruptive technology take the lead in a breakthrough in the world.


Virtual reality technology can enrich the life of the masses, and it can also be applied in all walks of life to bring about the development opportunities for the upgrading of all walks of life. On the one hand, virtual reality industry chain is longer, a wide range of aspects, including the hardware, the core chip, the computer software and applications, and other related areas, to promote technological progress in these fields, product upgrading. On the other hand, it can also form a new industry, the virtual reality service industry. Zhao qinping believes that virtual reality can bring new opportunities for the upgrading of national industrial structure and adjustment of local industrial structure

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