The five trends of VR virtual reality development this year

- Jan 17, 2018 -

The five trends of VR virtual reality development this year.

Virtual reality industry hot attracted the attention of more and more people, with the arrival of 2018, the people of the future development of virtual reality industry also have great expectations, but about virtual reality development trend is also a high-profile, five industries here are 2018 virtual reality development trend forecast, five industries with the expansion of virtual reality, there will be more and more widely used in industry.

Ease of anxiety.

VR virtual reality shows a high level of efficacy in treating anxiety or pain. Because usually used to treat the pain and a wide range of highly addictive properties of opioid, the emergence of virtual reality can help decrease the rate of prescription drugs, and establish the long-term risk for patients with low treatment plan.

Ii. Training and simulation.

Education, an adult continuing professional, will grow substantially in 2018, with professionals updating industry licenses and receiving highly technical training to provide immersing experience. Occupations and tasks with highly technical knowledge and complex security processes will be able to simplify their training programs through virtual reality training. Companies can also cut costs by tracking and measuring the performance of certain duties performed by employees.

Design tools.

For the product design, furniture design and space design, expect to see a large number of new VR/AR tool, to help the design process, simplify communication between designer and customer, and reduce the expensive review cycle.

Iv. Data protection.

Virtual reality provides more automatic feedback than any other medium. In 2018, the industry will consider the ethical issues of data mining in virtual reality, and will put best practices at their best before the financial gains of these data are misjudged.

5. Retail recovery.

Physical retail stores can be very difficult now, mainly because of the impact of the online retail giants, the most serious is the mall. But virtual reality seized the stagnation of public space to get a chance to locate entertainment is huge, it creates can let consumer in the public environment using virtual reality experience and similar business environment. This will not only help expand the virtual reality consumer range, but will also reinvigorate the shopping central experience through interaction, technology and recreation.

Anyway virtual reality industry has begun to mature, and more and more industries begin to apply virtual reality technology, it also proves that the virtual reality of the potential is huge, believe the future will be more added to the virtual reality of the army in the industry.


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