The four great advantages of the happy car/le bar car/swing car/leswing car

- Apr 20, 2018 -

The four great advantages of the happy car/le bar car/swing car/leswing car

1.the use of free and unfettered le bar car special wide, not like other entertainment facilities there are a lot of restrictions like roller coaster that kind of recreational facilities there are a lot of people can't play, but has never been this easy car, no matter how old the person or body can play. and unfettered coke car is so called free and unfettered happy swing car is because its speed is controlled, wanted him to quickly can fast, want to let it can slow, slow control is fully owned by himself, so for some stronger control of the game has a strong appeal.  

3.Humanized design: the collision rod of the handrail shell on and off the vehicle. Eight direction control before and after the left can be separated speed control. Patented technology: roller coaster wheel fixation technology, stable and safe, high - tech control system, simple line. Easy to maintain a total of four lines plug and play. The whole car can be disassembled and assembled, the spare parts are modular, the maintenance is simple and convenient for transportation, the seat is double-deck, the thickening process. Airline seat belt design.  

4.The machine has two choices of swipe card and coin, with hundreds of MP3 songs built-in. The charging time is 4-8 hours, which can work continuously for 5-8 hours. The game operation is simple, the coin (swipe card) can enter the game, the operation of the rocker can be left and right before and in any direction. The game is equipped with shocking music, which also gives out colorful neon lights to enhance the happy atmosphere and make players more happy.


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