What is 7D Cinema?

- Sep 26, 2017 -

图7 拷贝.png

7d interactive film market has always been attention by many people, 5d cinema as the film market opens up a new situation, in the 5d films in the process of rapid development of continuous innovation, introduce 7d the latest scientific and technological achievements, is a new high-tech simulation people against amusement products. Have 5d environmental effects, and the latest international popular 3d, 4d technology to interact with people of interactive technology, the combination of creative design of a variety of amusement equipment, a variety of topics for each theme amusement equipment, simulation virtual out the theme of the scene and film and television plot, and match with special effects and environment effects the chair, 7d cinema simulation for each seat is equipped with a pistol, can let tourists and film characters or play against monsters in real time, after the game, through the system statistics, published ranking, produce result of competition between the audience, to hit the enemy most wins, experience the joy and pride to beat the competition to complete the task. These will give the audience the excitement and joy that has never been, and let the audience linger on, thus causing the audience to repeat the impulse and desire.

7d powerful interactive cinema, that is, we can see the previous 3d, 4d, 5d film, you can play to stimulate the 7d interactive movies, you can play 3d shooting experience pavilion and 3d games arena, six stores are one. It can be PK, real and exciting, and you are like the hero of the movie. Your every move is closely related to the progress of the film, which makes you enjoy it.

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