What is VR (Virtual reality)?

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Virtual Reality is a term for computers. Virtual Reality (VR) is the new and high technology thathas emerged in recent years, also known as the artificial environment. Virtual reality is used computer simulations to create a three-dimensional virtual world, to provide users simulation about senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let users as illustrates its general, timely, there is no limit to observe things in three dimensions. VR is an integrated technology, involved in computer graphics, human-computer interaction technology, sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and other fields, it use a computer to generate realistic 3 d view, hear, smell, feel, make the person as participants through proper device, naturally, to experience a virtual world and interaction. When the user moves in position, the computer can perform complex calculations immediately, transmitting accurate 3D images back to the scene. The technology integrated with computer graphics (CG) technology, the computer simulation technology, artificial intelligence, sensor technology, display technology, the network parallel processing technology such as the latest development of results, is a kind of technology aided by computer generated simulation system of high and new technology. In a nutshell, virtual reality is that people through the computer to complex data visualization and interactive operation of a new way, with the traditional human-computer interface and popular compared to Windows operating virtual reality have made a qualitative leap in technology.


The "reality" in the virtual reality is refers to the physical or functional meaning there is anything in the world or the environment, it can be achievable, actually also can be in fact difficult to implement or not at all. And "virtual" means computer generated. As a result, virtual reality is a kind of special environment refers to using computer generated, people can through the use of all kinds of special equipment "projection" themselves to the environment, and operation, the control environment, realize the purpose of the special, that man is the master of this kind of environment.    

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