What will the VR industry look like in 2019?

- Jan 31, 2018 -

What will the VR industry look like in 2019? You must know these five things.

CES conference in Las Vegas in the near future, we see a lot of future high-tech intelligent products, including many VR devices, development up to now, more and more of the VR has already started to do it out of line, have higher resolution and visual tracking ability, all of these potential shows that VR industry is gradually developing in the future. Every technology with the rapid increase, if Facebook, Google, Microsoft, amazon and apple can put these things together, these companies in the ascent of the immersive VR visual at the same time also can reduce the manufacturing cost of VR, believe that VR can quickly enter the market in the future, become the mainstream of electronic products.

This year, we should see more and more wireless VR in visual tracking and resolution to get huge ascension, similar Vive Pro products also will appear more and more, but to make the basic configuration of this equipment can reach this level, may still need to 2019 years. First, in terms of visual tracking, this is the place where user experience VR directly, you can clearly observed VR images every object in the virtual world, but compared to the real world, they cannot fully present, if you want to observe an object, and then you can point to the target directly, for more details, but now with the development of VR image technology, virtual reality system can make your eye sight everywhere immediately drew the most detailed picture, and this would require the VR is very precise visual tracking ability, and in this regard, each big technology companies are making efforts as much as possible, such as apple is acquired visual tracking SMI, this technology can be extremely enrich the VR virtual reality interaction ability, also can completely change the way users interact with the virtual object, the technology is of great significance for the development of VR industry, but it also faces enormous cost problem.

In resolution technology, if you are now some VR equipment due to inadequate pixel screen door effect, then you can try the samsung Odyssey or forthcoming Vive Pro, these VR devices monocular to screen resolution of 1440 * 1600, although not enough to completely eliminate the VR this effect, but also can have very big effect. So far, VR equipment makers have largely depends on the samsung supplier of high-performance OLED screen, but some other companies are launched their own alternative products, such as Kopin company is displayed on the CES conference for a monocular resolution to the 2 k, run at speed of 60 frames per second screen, although it is less than 90 frames per second of Oculus Rift and Vive, Kopin still believe they can on the VR devices screen go further. Yet whether Kopin and Varjo companies such as whether to vigorously promote the resolution of the VR devices, visual tracking technology research and development work is certainly not going to stop, in this regard, small concave rendering technique will provide a lot of help, it can let the VR system architect to more cheap cost of graphics rendering greater resolution details effect, it will greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of VR.

Reduce the cost, after all, is all technology companies have to consider the factors, VR devices is not exceptional also, Facebook Oculus Go up the selling price is only RMB 1300, compared with other VR products, the price is the lower eye-popping, like other slightly cheaper devices and lenovo Mirage Solo, priced at RMB 2700, can let the user's head under the condition of VR run free rotation, hand but not yet, but if you want a real full freedom of VR devices, Oculus company launched the latest version of the Santa Cruz is a perfect product, the all-in-one VR is not only a clear visual effect, also with flexible hand joystick, it also at the top of the equipment to install a camera, if you want to grab in VR virtual objects behind and don't want to look back on it, then the camera can work, Facabook may next year in the detached VR graphics equipment, batteries, visual tracking and make greater lever operation performance improvement, but if keep on the principle of keeping costs low, this may also is not a simple matter.

At Microsoft, they also developed a model about RMB 1400 entry-level VR equipment, the product can be purchased on amazon's website, but it need a wire control and high configuration PC connection, on the device of each camera is able to see the surrounding environment and realize accurate positioning, you can have the very strong immersive and interactive, if is to use the 2016 edition of the Rift or Vive, you also need to separate to install some cameras or laser to achieve a similar effect. In addition, companies like Google and qualcomm have begun to consolidate their relationship with VR companies, respectively, with lenovo and HTC.

Finally, how to let the VR devices to realize wireless, this is a number of technology companies are focused problem, one method is to use high configuration PC or Xbox X, let them to accept a large amount of data from the nearby VR devices. Another approach is to build in VR system, showing the battery and processors are built into the VR devices, this scheme is relatively more portable, and because the don't need to invest more to buy adapter for PC and console, it can also fall in the cost of many. In addition, researchers are designing a new concept that they hope will help VR achieve wireless capabilities with the help of smart phones, and better integrate resolution and hand lever control.

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